Building a Transparent Supply Chain

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Building a Transparent Supply Chain

(HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW) If you care about building a transparent supply chain (quickly), you may enjoy this article for the May/June 2020 issue of Harvard Business Review by Abhinav Gaiha and Vishal Gaur about the importance and impact of transparency and visibility – with examples from companies including Corning Incorporated, Emerson, Hayward Industries, Inc., IBM, Mastercard. The article also includes reference to what we did with Walmart to help eliminate the blind spots and deliver visibility along the entire supply chain with DLT Labs turnkey platform. Note – we can do this for you, too – now.

“Walmart Canada has already begun using blockchain with the trucking companies that transport its inventory. A shared blockchain makes it possible to synchronize logistics data, track shipments, and automate payments without requiring significant changes to the trucking firms’ internal processes or information technology systems.”


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