Comprehensive Suite of Configurable Products

DL Asset Track™

Supply Chain Management Platform

Optimize Multi-Party Processes

DL Asset Track™ offers a uniquely secure platform to record transactions and digital interactions in a transparent, robust, auditable, and efficient manner. It records and updates all transactions in real time, making the information available to all authorized participants. It is a completely modular platform with an intuitive graphical interface specifically tailored for supply chain management.

End-to-end visibility of assets across the supply chain

Authenticate provenance of material, ensuring responsible and ethical sourcing

Lower administrative costs and reduce error rates

DL Wallet™

Payments Platform

Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Transfer of Financial Assets

DL Wallet™ is a sophisticated peer-to-peer network built with Distributed Ledger Technology that supports loyalty units, fiat currency, and cryptocurrencies. It is built on an immutable ledger that records every transaction in a tamper-proof, secure, and frictionless manner.

Bypass third-party intermediaries and increase transaction speed

Reduce operational costs

Support digital assets like loyalty units, fiat currency, and cryptocurrencies

DL Certify™

Records Management Platform

Maintain a Trusted and Immutable Record of  Credentials, Titles, and Proofs of Ownership

DL Certify™ offers organizations the assurance to confidently transact with indisputable, easily accessible and verifiable digital assets. It eliminates potential failures and attacks while significantly reducing reliance on third parties.

Create a secure, trusted, transparent and an immutable record

Verify records in real time

Reduce administrative costs