Comprehensive Suite of Configurable Products

DL Asset Track™

Supply Chain Management Platform

Optimize Multi-Party Processes

DL Asset Track™ offers a uniquely secure platform to record transactions and digital interactions in a transparent, robust, auditable, and efficient manner. It records and updates all transactions in real time, making the information available to all authorized participants. It is a completely modular platform with an intuitive graphical interface specifically tailored for supply chain management.

End-to-end visibility of assets across the supply chain

Authenticate provenance of material, ensuring responsible and ethical sourcing

Lower administrative costs and reduce error rates

DL Ecosystem™

Payments Platform

Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Transfer of Financial Assets

DL Ecosystem™ is a sophisticated peer-to-peer network built with Distributed Ledger Technology that supports loyalty units, fiat currency, and cryptocurrencies. It is built on an immutable ledger that records every transaction in a tamper-proof, secure, and frictionless manner.

Bypass third-party intermediaries and increase transaction speed

Reduce operational costs

Support digital assets like loyalty units, fiat currency, and cryptocurrencies

DL Certify™

Records Management Platform

Maintain a Trusted and Immutable Record of  Credentials, Titles, and Proofs of Ownership

DL Certify™ offers organizations the assurance to confidently transact with indisputable, easily accessible and verifiable digital assets. It eliminates potential failures and attacks while significantly reducing reliance on third parties.

Create a secure, trusted, transparent and an immutable record

Verify records in real time

Reduce administrative costs

DL Verify™

Verification and Reporting Platform

DL Verify Capture, Verify & Record Ownership of Decentralized Accounts 

DL Data Consent™ seamlessly navigates regulations such as GDPR to ensure that organizations provide the utmost protection of personally identifiable information (PII) while still affording their clients the right to erase their information from legacy systems. It uses Distributed Ledger Technology to offer organizations the security of keeping a record of meta-data (PII, consents, claims, etc.) and the ability to audit this information.

Verify ownership of public addresses without requesting personally identifiable information

Generate customized transaction reports

Seamless internal and external audits