Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Update from Our CEO

Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Update from Our CEO

DLT Labs’ response to the COVID-19 epidemic is driven by three key principles:

  • Ensuring the safety and health of our team, clients and partners
  • Providing continual assurance of the highest level of service excellence possible
  • Delivering rapid response, with priority for essential services


Best health practices. While we continue our day to day operations, we are practicing social distancing and self-isolation for health and safety, as well as to enhance our business continuity plan by having our team distributed.


24/7 Operations & Support. We are fortunate that from inception, DLT Labs was built around a model of multiple offices and seamless capability for remote operations. Our teams and business partners continue to work remotely in all locations, most importantly in Canada, India and Japan. This provides geographic diversity in three offices on two continents (North America & Asia).


Business Continuity Plan. Our business continuity plan is comprehensive and strictly followed. It provides for a minimum of three-tiers of personnel for each key function all of whom are self-isolated and geographically dispersed. All data is extensively backed up, benefitting from our distributed computing architecture. In addition, our hardware and network infrastructure is also diversified by service provider and geography.


Essential services (corporate or government) given priority. We are experiencing significant demand for the rapid deployment of our technology platform and services. Fortunately, we have extensive resources and the ability to execute extremely quickly, so we continue to be able to selectively welcome new clients, giving priority to clients providing essential services. We look forward to discussing any new opportunities with you, particularly for rapidly enhancing operations and efficiencies, reducing costs, or capitalizing on this time period to seize a competitive/strategic advantage.


We are particularly proud to be of service to Walmart Canada and its third-party carriers in the vital and demanding job of keeping essential goods flowing through our national supply chain. Our DL Freight solution is playing an important role in over 500,000 deliveries a year across Canada. All of us express the deepest appreciation to Walmart Canada’s tireless team and the intrepid carriers.


We will continue to provide periodic updates. We are in this together so if you have any questions in the meantime, or indeed any suggestions regarding best practices, please contact your Account Manager, or me directly.


Thank you for your ongoing support. Team DLT Labs wishes you good health and safety throughout this extraordinary period.




Loudon Owen


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