How DL Freight™ is Delivering Supply Chain Innovation and Results for Walmart Canada


How DL Freight™ is Delivering Supply Chain Innovation and Results for Walmart Canada

(Video) Watch this video with insights from leaders at Walmart Canada, Bison Transport, and Titanium Transport about how DL Freight has reduced invoice disputes by over 97% while delivering savings in cost and waste, and unparalleled visibility for both shippers and carriers.

Walmart Canada’s implementation of DL Freight™ is the world’s largest full production blockchain solution in the industry. DL Freight™ substantially reduces the costs of processing invoices, provides complete financial and operational transparency, and most importantly has revitalized trust among important business partners. As evidence of its profound impact, invoice disputes between Walmart and its carriers dropped by 97%, from highs at over 70 % to now below 2% across the platform.


  • This new approach has disrupted the industry in the following ways:
  • Disputes with Walmart’s national carrier network dropped by 97%; to now less than 2% of invoices across the platform with discrepancies
  • The previous 11 step workflow dropped to just 5 steps from tender to invoice payment
  • Automation of accessorial charge calculations and elimination of external invoice reconciliation process
  • Millions of dollars in savings by automating inefficiencies
  • Integrated into existing TMS/legacy systems for rapid deployment
  • ~150,000 invoices processed since February, resulting in significant savings


We are honoured that the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has selected Walmart Canada and DLT Labs as one of six finalists for its prestigious Supply Chain Innovation Award (SCIA) being presented at its annual EDGE conference in September.


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